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The Sleep Revolution:




A Sleep Concept for Repairing Nights and Joyful days






The Sleep Revolution is a natural concept from Sweden helping you out of the stress spiral, by providing products and expert advice to balance your hormones and achieve deep repairing sleep.




Insomnia and sleep deprivation are major health problems in today’s society causing depression, burnouts and low productivity. People are not finding lasting solutions mostly because it involves more than a quick fix. The Sleep Revolution is a new place to find expert advice and high quality products that support a deep sleep based on research. The Sleep Revolution goal is to support you to rediscover the joy of life instead of being exhausted and stressed.




“We want to encourage people to prioritize sleep so they can rediscover the joy for living. Without enough good sleep we are physically unable to be happy due to the lack of oxygen to the pre-frontal cortex inhibiting the production of the necessary hormones to feel empathy, self love and tolerance”






The Origin

The founder of the concept, Giselle Valle, Swedish specialist in sleep and luxury bedding who worked as director in Europe for Hästens Beds, has carefully studied what we need to achieve repairing sleep.




The idea began between friends reflecting on the epidemic problem of sleep deprivation. In conclusion, the bedding industry needed a transformation – a holistic approach that does not just consider the bed as the only option to improved sleep, moving into a true ”sleep industry”.




“That’s why we, for instance, besides natural latex-free beds, top quality bedlinen, pillows and duvets, we offer anti-stress nose plugs and luxury design vibrators. Research has shown that orgasms release melatonin, enabling a deeper and better sleep. An orgasm also releases oxytocin, the love hormone that women produce when giving birth to ease tensions and increases the feeling of bonding”




When it comes to beauty routines, sleep may be the closest thing to a luxury and healthy fountain of youth. Collagen is produced when you sleep giving your skin and hair a youthful glow. It prevents early wrinkles and puffy eyes. So why spend a fortune on anti-aging creams and other treatments, when a deep sleep is the natural way to beauty?


“We wish every man and woman all the joy they can dream of!”.






The Stores




The Sleep Revolution opened an exceptional flagship store in Paris at the beautiful historical building called “Saint Frères”, where Louis Vuitton was founded – located in the famous first district of Paris in the corner of the street St Honoré. The Sleep Revolution is an experiential store where you will find a wide range of carefully selected products chosen from evidence-based research.




In Stockholm there is an experiential store in a 110m2 studio in the outskirts of Stockholm which can be booked through Airbnb to test the beds and experience the products with all senses. 




The Webshop was launched in September 2017 with its English version and will soon implement other languages and countries.






Prestigious Brands , Sustainability and Natural Products




We partner with suppliers with a shared mission, ecological alternatives and certifications, and collaborate with experts in the fields of sleep, nutrition, mediyoga and personal development.




The Sleep Revolution partners with Pauly Beds, one of the oldest bedding companies in the world handcrafting masterpieces since 1838. An Austrian brand making its return to France with extremely comfortable beds made with only natural materials such as horsehair, silk, Scandinavian pine and Swedish steel, offering 30 years warranty. Pauly has been the official bed supplier to the Austrian Hungarian Empire since the 1870’s, and supplied French homes with the same distinguished label “Purveyors to the Royal and Imperial Court” as other French brands; such as Moët Chandon, Rèmy Martin and Christofle.




You can read more about the reason why we chose latex-free, foam free, 100% natural and durable beds, mattresses, top mattresses and headboards. It’s all about doing “Things Right and The Right Things”. If we want durable high quality products, we have to accept a higher price. In the end, it pays off, both for your wallet and for the environment. The best news is that, in fact, a Pauly bed is not more expensive than other foam and latex beds in the market as they prefer to keep low margins to serve more environmentally aware customers!




We partnered with Kauffmann, the oldest down manufacturer, also from Austria, founded in 1823. We can guarantee first class down, made in Austria under the most strict quality supervision and with ecological certificates.




Anna Charlotte is a good example in the furniture industry, being one of the only rug designers working with only organic colors, materials while providing very good working conditions in the manufacturing sites. Shuj is one more example of our carefully selected products, handcrafted in Italy, with amazing bamboo linen and real hand-woven silk duvets.










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  • Research shows that in developed countries like the UK, the number of people sleeping less than 6 hours is up to 50%. The number was only 8% seventy five years ago.
  • Sleep deprivation is one of the major public health concerns in modern society linked to many diseases.
  • Instead of sleeping, we prioritize work, internet and watching television.
  • A good night’s deep, high-quality sleep is vital
  • Good, deep sleep makes us lose weight, clears our skin, increase memory capacity, decrease chances of diabetes and slows down our aging process by pumping oxygen to our face skin. It restores muscle tissue and reduces the chances of getting Alzheimer.
  • Deep sleep also helps us make better decisions and decrease anxiety, depression, stress and even prevent suicides in extreme cases.
  • Without enough cycles of deep sleep per night, our brain cannot produce the hormones that allow us to feel "happy"







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