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The Sleep Revolution®

A Concept for Repairing Nights and Happy days




The Sleep Revolution is a lifestyle movement for better sleep based in Sweden; it created the first concept store dedicated to sleep the natural & sustainable way, based on research.



“We encourage people to prioritize sleep to restore their health- physical, mental and emotional. With enough sleep we are able to produce the hormones to regain the joy for living, have better relationships, lose weight, live longer and make better decisions. Sleep is the best medicine, and is free. We believe that better sleep will make a better world”



“Insomnia and sleep deprivation are major health problems in today’s society causing depression, sickness and low productivity. People are not finding lasting solutions mostly because it involves more than a quick fix and requires awareness. Somehow comparable to smoking during the 70s; it took us some time to realize its fatal effects.”



The Origin


The founder of the concept, Giselle Valle, Swedish expert in sleep and luxury bedding who worked as director in Europe for one of the most known bed brands in Sweden, has carefully researched what we need to achieve repairing sleep and studies neuroscience at Kings College.




The idea began between friends reflecting on the epidemic problem of sleep deprivation, our dependency on the use of mobile phones and the importance of our environment. In conclusion, the bedding industry needed a transformation, people needed natural solutions and awareness; a holistic natural and sustainable approach that does not just consider the bed as the only option to improved sleep. Specially not beds containing latex or memory foams. We need fewer products that can last for decades and healthy habits.



“That’s why, besides latex-free beds, top quality bed linen, pillows and duvets, we offer anti-stress nose plugs based on yoga principles, massagers of all kind to stimulate release of melatonin (enabling a deeper and better sleep), oxytocin (the love hormone that women produce when giving birth to ease tensions and increases the feeling of bonding) and alarms that wake you with day light and nature sounds. We combine it with the personal interaction to make a plan that works for you”




The Stores


The Sleep Revolution opened a flagship store in Paris located in the famous first district of Paris cornering the street St Honoré. Elle Deco France, in 2017 called it “The First Concept Store dedicated to Sleep”


In Stockholm, there are two stores: In Östermalm at Lill-Jans plan 6 and an experiential store in Täby which can be booked through Airbnb or making an appointment.


The webshop was launched in 2017 and ships worldwide.



Prestigious Brands , Sustainability and Natural Products

The Sleep Revolution won the LUX GLOBAL EXCELLENCE AWARD as “Best Sleep Accessories Provider 2018 and 2019” by Lux Life, UK.



We partner with companies and individuals with a shared mission: sustainable, ecological and natural alternatives. We collaborate with experts in the fields of sleep, nutrition, yoga and consultants that act as a Personal Trainer to create a plan that works for you.



Pauly & Sohn, known as Pauly Beds, is one of the oldest bedding companies in the world handcrafting since 1838. Purveyors to the Royal and Imperial Court of the Austrian Hungarian Empire, a title shared by other prestigious brands; such as Moët Chandon, Rèmy Martin and Christofle.


Mattresses and toppers (bäddmadrasser) are made the traditional way: horsehair, silk, cashmere, cotton and no anti-fire chemicals (which is required on latex and memory foam beds) guaranteed to last at least 30 years. In Sweden we burn more than 1 million beds per year – of the kind that lasts only 3-10 years-. No mattress is recycled (at the återvinningscentraler) ; all beds are burned regardless of the materials. Durable high quality products might have a higher price but in the end, it pays off in many ways: our family’s health, our wallet and the environment.



Kauffmann, the oldest down manufacturer in the world, also from Austria, founded in 1823, supplies first class down.



Anna Charlotte, a unique Swedish rug designer, uses only organic colors, silk, wool and hempf, while guaranteeing very good working conditions in the manufacturing sites. Shuj is one more example of our carefully selected products, handcrafted in Italy, with amazing bamboo linen and real hand-woven silk duvets.



Sleep Programs & Consulting


Sleep Programs 

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  • Research shows that in developed countries like the UK, the number of people sleeping less than 6 hours is up to 50%. The number was only 8% seventy five years ago.
  • Sleep deprivation is one of the major public health concerns in modern society linked to many diseases and mental health.
  • Did you know that is better to sleep than to exercise after sleeping less than 6 hours?
  • Sleeping well consistently makes us lose weight, increase memory capacity, decrease chances of diabetes and impotence. It restores muscle tissue and reduces the chances of developing Alzheimer.
  • Quality sleep also helps us take better decisions and decrease anxiety, depression and stress. We increase productivity, creativity and well-being.




The Sleep Revolution Store Stockholm City (Östermalm)

Lill-Jans plan 6, 114 25

Stockholm, Sweden.

(T-Tekniska) (Engelbrektsgatan & Vallhallavägen)



Experiential Store (bookable via Airbnb)

Granitvägen 62,

183 63 Täby, Stockholm, Sweden

Email: info@thesleeprevolution.com




Pauly Beds & The Sleep Revolution PARIS

34-36 Rue du Louvre ,

75001 Paris.

Email: paris@thesleeprevolution.com