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J.Pauly & Sohn, now Pauly Beds, is one of the oldest bed handcrafters in the world, established in Austria in 1838.

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Pauly Beds handcrafts natural beds since 1838. It's one of the very few in the world that does not use any type of latex or memory foam to fill in its beds or top mattresses (toppers) for sustainability and health reasons.   A real natural product breathes naturally as cotton, silk, cashmere, wool and 100% horsehair.

Cashmere and wool are natural flame-retardants so Pauly uses these materials in its top mattresses and beds instead of PBDE or other fire retardants used on memory foam mattresses.


Silk, cotton, cashmere and wool regulate your temperature naturally without having to use cooling gels packed in plastic. They are breathable and absorbing fibers with many positive benefits. They are naturally anti-static and don’t build up bacteria or mites.


Of course those luxurious materials are more expensive than latex or foams, but quality and durability has a price.




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Featherbed Luxe Mattress topper Down The Sleep Revolution New -70%

Featherbed Luxe Mattress topper Down The Sleep Revolution

Featherbed is a wonderful bed mattress filled with feather and down which gives your bed a super..

15,900.00kr 4,770.00kr Ex Tax: 3,816.00kr

Mattress Topper No. 1 ULTIMATE LUXURY from Pauly Beds

Top Mattress model - ULTIMATE LUXURY number. 1The finest truly natural top mattress in the worl..

14,987.50kr Ex Tax: 11,990.00kr

Mattress Topper No. 2 LUXURY from Pauly Beds

 Mattress topper model - LUXURY number. 2 is composed of the finest Belgian upholstery textile, ..

11,250.00kr Ex Tax: 9,000.00kr

Mattress Topper No. 3 EXCELLENCE from Pauly Beds

 Mattres topper model - EXCELLENCE number. 3 is composed of the finest BELGIAN upholstery Jacqua..

8,500.00kr Ex Tax: 6,800.00kr

Mattress Topper No. 4 PREMIUM from Pauly Beds

Mattress topper model PREMIUM number. 4 is composed with finest Jacquard textile in cotton, wo..

5,210.00kr Ex Tax: 4,168.00kr