Chalet Affair since 1951

Chalet Affair since 1951

Chalet Affair specializes in the most beautiful fur sleep masks and water bottles with ethically sourced rabbit and mink. Discover the brand's mix of premium European craftsmanship with Scandinavian aesthetics for luxurious yet modern results. Handmade in Germany with ethically sourced materials.

Applying our vast expertise and experience, we travel far and wide handpicking first-rate skins. Over the decades, Hofmann & Son have acquired a reputation for excellent craftsmanship and a keen eye for fashion and design.

Our family-led firm is now in the fourth generation, established since 1951. As a European leader serving the world market, we look back on a rich history, enjoy a dynamic present and look forward to attaining new heights with passion and inspiration.

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Luxury Hot Water Bottle with Rabbit Fur

 Textured, colourful, and ultra-soft, this rabbit fur hot water bottle is a must-have for ..

1,790.00kr Ex Tax: 1,432.00kr

Sleep Mask - Luxury Rex Rabbit

Textured, colourful, and ultra-soft, this rabbit fur sleep mask is a must-have for cozy nightsPr..

950.00kr Ex Tax: 760.00kr