Chalet Affair since 1951

Chalet Affair since 1951

Our family-led firm is now in the fourth generation, established since 1951. As a European leader serving the world market, we look back on a rich history, enjoy a dynamic present and look forward to attaining new heights with passion and inspiration.

Applying our vast expertise and experience, we travel far and wide handpicking first-rate skins. Over the decades, Hofmann & Son have acquired a reputation for excellent craftsmanship and a keen eye for fashion and design.

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Luxury Hot Water Bottle with Rabbit Fur

 Textured, colourful, and ultra-soft, this rabbit fur hot water bottle is a must-have for ..

1,790.00kr Ex Tax: 1,432.00kr

Sleep Mask - Luxury Rex Rabbit

Textured, colourful, and ultra-soft, this rabbit fur sleep mask is a must-have for cozy nightsPr..

950.00kr Ex Tax: 760.00kr