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Eco Pillow Firm - Three Chamber Luxurious Down Pillow

-21% Eco Pillow Firm - Three Chamber Luxurious Down Pillow

A deep, restful sleep can depend on  the position of the body and the head.  If you are relaxed and comfortable, you will not turn and toss around all night. You will sleep undisturbed.


A pillow filled with down or feathers supports any sleeping position in a natural way, allowing a soothing relaxation. Our pillows are made from the very best pure goose down with a built-in ventilation system that lets them breathe. They are lovingly crafted by hand and, available in a choice of several levels of firmness, they offer individual comfort for the good sleep you have always dreamed about.

This firm pillow is perfect for side sleepers who need extra neck support. The inner chamber has feathers to provide support and the outer chambers are filled with soft down which feels smooth when it touches your face. No prickling feathers sticking your face!


3 chamber pillow DeLuxe 3C
Quality: Cotton with double seam border, 100 % cotton, colour: white
Interior: white, new goose feathers and down, class 1, 70 % feathers, 30% down
Exterior: white, new goose down and feathers, class 1, 90 % down, 10 % feathers
Level of support: medium
Care: 60 °C washable, dryer-proof.



The hometown of KAUFFMANN lies embedded in one of the loveliest landscapes anywhere, next to the Lake of Constance, in the heart of Europe. Our plant has its roots in this traditional region, going all the way back to 1823.

The KAUFFMANN name stands for first-class quality products – Made in Austria – from Europe’s most modern manufacturing facility for down duvets. In addition to employing pioneering mechanical processing methods, we have maintained careful manual manufacturing processes for offering only the best for a healthy and sound sleep.

The satisfaction of our customers in over 40 countries is our joy and our motivation alike. Only the best deserves to bear the KAUFFMANN name.


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