Ergonomic Pillow- Ecological Buck Wheat filling- 100 % Linen Cover - 60x30cm

-40% Ergonomic Pillow- Ecological Buck Wheat filling- 100 % Linen Cover - 60x30cm

Proper sleep is important for everyone and in today's technology intense community, tension and aches in the neck and shoulders are a growing problem.


Many sleep today with far too high pillows. With the correct pillow height, the sleeping position becomes ergonomically correct and the muscles gets the required rest during the night. Thus, the design of the pillow becomes the solution to one's own neck problem.


The idea and the product is backed up by the researchers at the Department of Public Health Sciences at Karolinska Institutet. The pillow is also used today by several physiotherapists.



  • ·      Keeps your head cool, keeps the shape and has long life.
  • ·      Designed for sleeping on both the sides and back positions and does not put pressure on the neck.
  • ·      Split into three zippered sections, each of which can be adjusted for personal height, by adjusting the filling material.
  • ·      The center section is lowered for resting on your back.
  • ·      The outer sections have more fill for resting on the side positions.
  • ·      Fold the pillow for extra height if you have broad shoulders.
  • ·     For better reading: Place a book or tablet facing the pillow with one section folded down. Place the pillow on the stomach as support when reading in bed.
  • ·      Laptop: can be placed on the pad at your lap to prevent heat damage to the skin. It also gives a better position by getting the computer higher up.

Size: 60 x 30 cm

Available Colors: Natural Beige and Striped Grey

Materials used:


Outer cover100% Linen

  • Linen is durable, as well as inhibits bacteria, mites and mold growth.
  • It has low electrostatic charge * and thus attracts less dirt.

Muzyczek M. Institute of Natural Fibers, Poznan, Poland.

Filling - Ecological Buck Wheat (Bovete)


  • Natural product, which is purified without chemical treatment.
  • Well proven natural filling material and is used in hospitals of Japan.
  • Keeps the head cool as air circulates through.
  • No mites gets propogated

Care and Washing:

  • Protect the pillow with pillowcases, preferably linen.
  • Wash care: 60 ° C. Short spin. No Tumbler.
  • Empty the filling when washing the pillow case. Empty the buck wheat husk into 3 separate wash bags.
  • The buck wheat husk can be rinsed in the laundry bag and dried in the sun or drying cabinet.

- Swedish Design by MOA -

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