Massage Candle KLINTA Christmas Scent

New -52% Massage Candle KLINTA Christmas Scent

The popular Swedish brand KLINTA makes scented candles that melts down to massage oil when lit. Brings a lovely odor to your home as well as cozy oily massages that hydrates your skin. All in one candle. 

They come in two different sizes: 

Small = burns for approximatley 18 hours,

Large = burns for around 45 hours.


Both are available in a selection of finely chosen fragrances with the same base! Now Christmas smells

Ingredients: 100% vegan and not tested on animals. Made with ecological soja wax, certified palm oil and european rapeseed oil as well as some drops of etheric oil.

Choose from 3 different Christmas scents:


Orange, Clove & Cinnamon: Orange & Clove is a classic Christmas fragrance.  Sun-ripened oranges and dried cloves merge with cinnamon and a pinch of vanilla to give a warm, spicy and utterly seductive aroma.  The Christmas candle.

Gold, Frankincense & Myrrh: This glorious fragrance combination was popular long before the Three Wise Men arrived.  Myrrh and frankincense have been used in temples the world over and by women as a body fragrance way back in the old Persian Empire.  We at Klinta love the luxuriant, deep and rich mix of aromas - sharp lemon, ripe oranges and sweet vanilla in marvellous tandem with darker patchouli and floral jasmine.  An unusual combination that really gets your sense of smell firing!

Mistleberry: Klinta’s sought-after Mistleberry is a sweetl-sour combination with a fruity berry base and undertones of vanilla and apple.  A fragrance that brings lovers together under the mistletoe, ensuring kiss after kiss after kiss.

TIP! After Christmas, just take off the red sleeve and leave yourself with a year-round, non-festive Klinta Candle!

 Made using essential oils from flowers, trees and herbs – pure plant oils, not perfume.



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