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Massagers & Oils

Massagers & Oils

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Catalytic Purifying Lamp Oil - 480 ml

The laboratory-controlled lamp oil is specially designed and produced by hand and contains the fines..

159.00kr Ex Tax: 127.20kr

Organic Scented Candles - Paraffin free

The premium candles are handmade in Halmastad, Sweden with purest of organic and natural ingredients..

298.00kr Ex Tax: 238.40kr

Purifying Oil Lamp - Scented Catalytic

Catalytic scented lamps offer beautiful design, sophisticated scent and clean air!  The lamps..

749.00kr Ex Tax: 599.20kr

Shiatsu Massage with heat- All body

Need to relax or energize? This massage cushion can be used on the neck and the whole body. It's..

990.00kr Ex Tax: 792.00kr