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Mattress Topper No. 2 LUXURY from Pauly Beds

Mattress Topper No. 2 LUXURY from Pauly Beds

Mattress topper model - LUXURY number. 2 is composed of the finest Belgian upholstery textile, called Jacquard made with 100% cotton, cashmere, silk, and 100% pure white horsetail hair (2 thick layers). It also contains lavender.

Height: 8 cms.

Benefits of the materials used within this Topper mattress:

  • The upholstery fabric made with the finest jacquard is extremely resistant and durable.
  • White Horsehair is much more softer than the normal horse hair and is the best natural material to transport moisture. Nobody feels glued to the mattress nor sweaty.  
  • Cashmere and Silk will regulate the temperature and keep one comfortable throughout the night.
  • Lavender is known for its relaxing properties - it's also a natural anti-mite product.
  • Materials adapt to the body
  • The horsetail hair acts as mini-spring, giving extra comfort..
  • Natural materials breathe and do not accumulate moisture inside, which can create mould and unhealthy conditions. 

Pauly does not use Latex as it might start cracking after 5 years and may eventually loose comfort. Even if latex breathes, about 80% of its surface does not and it accumulates sweat and humidity.

For more information about other Pauly Beds toppers refer to the table posted below.

About Pauly:

J.Pauly & Sohn, now Pauly Beds, is one of the oldest bed handcrafters in the world, established in Austria in 1838.

It was the sole official supplier of beds to the Austrian Empire for several generations. In 1878, Pauly received an Imperial and Royal Warrant of Appointment as a Purveyor to the Imperial and Royal Court of Emperor Franz Joseph I and his wife Empress Elisabeth of Austria (known as Sissi)

Pauly's beds and mattresses are engineered with the very best materials from nature to provide the most comfortable platform where you can experience the joys of restorative deep sleep.

All the natural materials allow the air to flow move around your body, enabling it to breathe – an essential element for life. Ethically sourced natural materials.

You can read in our blog about the benefits of deep sleep, that range from better health, enhanced sexual desire and tenderness, younger skin, improved performance and memory to the most wonderful dreams ever.

When your body has relaxed during your hours of sleep your hormones are rebalanced, your skin feels fresher, glowing with a health, and your upper brain cortex, which controls your ability to plan, functions more effectively. Your ability to be empathic and self-compassionate is restored.

Height in cms 8 cm
Upholstery Finest Belgian Upholstery Jacquard 100% cotton. Extra resistant. Chemical-free
Cashmere 2 layers. One of the most luxurious and resistant fabrics in the world. Soft. Maintains body temperature
Silk 2 layers. Regulates Temperature Naturally. Shapes to body's contour.Allergy free.
Cotton 100% 2 layers
Pure Horsetail hair 100% pure white horse tail hair. Finer and softer than BJX quality. 2 extra thick layers
Lavender Yes

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