Nattiluxe is dedicated to make your life better through the power of restful sleep as key to a healthy life.


We combine the best of European traditional craftsmanship with modern design, using only the finest natural materials that blend pocket springs systems, cashmere, wool, linen, cotton, silk, and premium horsehair ensuring unparalleled comfort and durability.


Our expertise, honed through generations in high-end upholstery and textile creation, is evident in every bed. We handcraft our products in specific areas of France, Slovakia, and Italy—well-known for their furniture-making heritage. Our materials are mostly sourced from Sweden and other European countries, reflecting our highest quality standards.


Giselle Valle, a key member of our team, brings a wealth of experience from 7 years as a Director at Hästens beds. Her leadership in expanding the Hästens brand across Europe, including store launches in London, Brussels, and Madrid, has been instrumental in shaping Nattiluxe. Her journey at Hästens provided her with unique insights into what the market lacked, inspiring her vision for Nattiluxe: a focus on superior, natural sleep experiences.


Nattiluxe stands out for its commitment to natural materials and attention to aesthetic details. We designed latex-free and foam-free beds and mattresses. Our attention to detail is meticulous. Each bed is handcrafted with precision, from the invisible zippers to the elegant piping and seamless corners, all using high-end fabrics. This dedication to craftsmanship offers a sophistication and comfort sought by discerning customers.


Nattiluxe is about delivering exceptional value. Our beds are an investment in a tailored natural sleep experience of the highest quality you can find today.

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Mattress Topper Luxurium No. 2 from Nattiluxe

The Luxurium No. 2 Summer- Winter is a versatile, reversible mattress topper. Its distinguishing fea..

43,000.00kr Ex Tax: 34,400.00kr

Nattiluxe Mattress Topper Superb No. 3

The Superb No. 3 Top Mattress is notably thick with a height of eight centimetres and composed of ca..

29,900.00kr Ex Tax: 23,920.00kr

Bed DIANA from Nattiluxe - Continental. The Bed of Blissful Sleep (Size: 180x200)

Diana, our top-selling bed model, is engineered for those who value restorative sleep. It feat..

265,000.00kr Ex Tax: 212,000.00kr