Purchase & Delivery Info




The terms and conditions apply when purchased via the online store, www.thesleeprevolution.com.

When purchasing in one of our physical shops, some other terms apply.



1. General Terms


1.1 Age
To purchase a product in the The Sleep Revolution AB webshop, you must be 18 years of age or older.



1.2 Purchases
Purchase agreements are agreed upon by receiving an order confirmation by email after you place an order and complete payment or have passed approved credit check in the online store's checkout.


1.3 Incorrect data
We reserve the right to correct any incorrect information regarding price and time of delivery.


1.4 Printing error
We reserve ourselves for any "printing errors" in product information and catalogs, and product images do not always accurately reproduce the actual appearance of the products. The color of images reproduced may depend on the type of display you have and the settings it has.



1.5 Force Majeure
We reserve the right to invoke Force Majeure in situations where this applies.

2. Prices

The prices include VAT by 25 percent. We reserve the right to adjust prices in relation to changes in currency, taxes, fees or the like. These price adjustments are regulated immediately when we consider it legitimate. We also reserve for any incorrect prices due to, for example, "printing errors".




3. Delivery

3.1 Download the goods yourself
You can always choose to pick up the goods at our store in Täby, north of Stockholm. As soon as your goods are ready for collection, we will contact you by email, SMS or phone to book a time. Upon pick up, you must be provided a valid ID such as your passport, National ID or driver’s licence.



3.2 Delivery to Greater Stockholm (area code 08)

Smaller shipments (shorter than 1.5 m and lighter than 20 kg) are sent as a package or letter with Postnord or DHL and can be collected at the nearest delivery point after you have received notification. If you have entered a mobile phone number, the notification will be sent as a text message, otherwise you will receive a mail-in-box sent to you when the package has arrived at the delivery point.

Larger shipments are delivered with a third party logistics solution or Postnord directly to you. If at the time of purchase you chose the "Shipping within Sweden" option, the shipment will be delivered to the empty border or staircase door, provided that the truck can get there. If you have chosen "Shipping with delivery, only Greater Stockholm", we will carry your goods at an additional cost. Assembly, unpacking and disposal of packaging is usually not included. When your goods arrive to our warehouse, the delivery department will contact you, book a time, and deliver to you, normally on weekdays.

Do you want to have your furniture installed,  have packaging removed (including your old bed) or have other wishes? Contact Us


3.3 Delivery to the rest of Sweden

Smaller shipments (shorter than 1.5 m and lighter than 20 kg) are sent as a package or letter with Postnord and can be collected at the nearest delivery point after you have received notification. If you have entered a mobile phone number, the notification will be sent as a text message, otherwise you will receive a mail-in-box sent to you when the package has arrived at the delivery point.

Larger shipments are delivered with Postnord home to you, usually anchored on a pallet. If at the time of purchase you chose the "Shipping" option, the shipment will be delivered to the empty border or staircase door, provided that the truck can get there. Delivery, assembly, unpacking and disposal of packaging is usually not included. The delivery is connected to one of the phone numbers you entered, scheduled and delivered to you weekdays at. 8-16. In some places, delivery time is more flexible and you can get more information about Postnord's contact with you.

Upon delivery of certain goods, delivery can be made directly from the manufacturer home to you, different than above. If so, we will inform you of this as soon as possible.


3.4 Delivery to Finland, Denmark, Norway and Åland

(For shipping costs, see item 3.6 and 3.7.). Less shipping is sent as a Postnord package and can be picked up at your nearest delivery point. If you live in Denmark or Finland and have given your mobile number, you will be notified via SMS, otherwise you will be notified by letter.

Larger shipment ships as pallets or packages. If you live in Norway or Finland / Åland, you will be notified in advance by phone. If you live in Denmark, delivery is usually carried out in most cases.

NB: When shipping to Norway and Åland, the buyer / receiver is responsible for any customs duties and administration fees. In connection with the entry into Norway / Åland, the buyer is also required to pay domestic VAT / VAT for the goods.


3.5 Delivery cost within Sweden

Always free shipping within Sweden on orders above 500 kr



3.6 Delivery costs to Finland, Åland and Denmark

For delivery, a shipping charge will be charged depending on the order amount according to the tariff below. If at one time you shop for more than 10,000: - we always offer free freight

Order amount Shipping cost
0-1.000: - 200: -
1.001-2.500: - 400: -
2,501-5,000: - 600: -
5.001-10.000: - 800: -
Over 10,000: - 0: -

The amounts above are inclusive of Swedish VAT. When shipping to Åland, the order amount is ex. VAT while shipping costs are charged ex. VAT. When you select "Åland" as the country at checkout, the order amount and shipping cost are shown. VAT.
3.7 Delivery cost to Norway

Delivery costs depend on which goods you buy and where in Norway you live. Contact us for more information on the shipping cost.


3.8 Delivery to other countries

Delivery methods, terms, delivery time and cost may vary depending on country and type of goods. If you enter a shipping address in another country outside the Nordic region, an additional shipping charge may occur in addition to the one specified in your order confirmation. Contact us for more information on deliveries to other countries.




3.9 Fee for unloaded shipment or failed delivery attempt

All shipments are forwarded in delivery confirmation by e-mail from The Sleep Revolution AB as well as via SMS, letter, telephone or e-mail from the shipping company. For all shipments (except for letters), information in e-mail notification is attached that enables tracking of the shipment. If you have not received a notification from the shipping company within one week of receiving the delivery confirmation by e-mail, please contact us to avoid returning the shipment.

In cases where letter, mail package (MyPack) or pallet / larger package is returned to The Sleep Revolution AB by the shipping company due to the fact that the buyer / receiver 1) did not redeem delivery from the delivery point; 2) has not been accessible on the notified phone number for notification; 3) refused to receive delivery; or 4) Incorrect name, address or contact details, The Sleep Revolution AB will charge the customer a fee. For letters and parcels the fee is SEK 300 incl. VAT and for pallet / larger packages for SEK 600 incl. VAT. The fee is charged to cover The Sleep Revolution AB's return and return costs and is charged either by invoice or by deducting the tax amount from the order sum refunded after returning to The Sleep Revolution AB.

In cases where Postnord, DHL or The Sleep Revolution AB agrees with the recipient on a day and time of delivery, but recipient is not in place at the time of delivery, an additional fee for a new delivery attempt may be added.


4. Delivery time

Delivery time is indicated on the respective product page. All delivery times are approximate and refer to the time we received and registered your order until the shipment is shipped from our warehouse.

Stock items are items that we usually have in stock for immediate delivery. In case of large order intake or delivery delay from supplier, these goods may in some cases have a delivery time of 1-2 weeks. In such cases, you will be notified as soon as we process your order. For some goods, the specified delivery time may be within a fairly wide range (eg 1-8 weeks). These are items we usually stock but have a slightly longer delivery time if they run out of stock or they are made specifically for you.

When ordering customized/pre-order products, we will notify you delivery week as soon as our order with the current manufacturer has been confirmed. Note that in some cases this may take up to two weeks. Of course you have the right to cancel your order, or use your right of withdrawal, when the delivery time exceed the delivery time notified in the product page where you purchased.

If you order multiple items with different delivery times at one and the same time, all items will be shipped in one and the same shipment when all items have arrived at our warehouse. If you would like a partial delivery - leave a message when you place your order or contact us. An additional fee may be added if you wish for partial delivery.

If delivery time against presumption is longer than stated in your order confirmation, we will notify you as soon as possible after the delay has come to our attention. We reserve the right to waive all remuneration requirements for customer, regarding delivery delays.




5. Payment


5.1 Payment Options

We offer several different payment options so that you as a customer can choose the best way for you. In the online store you can choose to pay by bank / credit card, direct debit from your bank account, invoice payment or debit payment with or without interest depending on the installment period.


You can also choose to use your Amazon account and pay with Amazon Pay.


A third option is to pay with Paypal.




 In the shop in Täby you can pay by credit card, swish or invoice. Contact us if you wish to pay in advance via bank / plus giro or have any questions about the different payment options.


5.2 Payment by bank and credit card

With us, you can make quick, easy and secure payments by bank and credit cards such as Visa, Mastercard, Eurocard or American Express. We think it is important that you feel safe when purchasing with us. All information relating to your payment is encrypted with Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) .


5.3 Invoice payment (Sweden only)

In cooperation with Svea Ekonomi we can offer payment against a 20-day invoice. The invoice will be sent to the e-mail address you provided at the time of purchase. For this service we charge an invoice fee of 29 kr (including VAT). When you choose to pay against invoice, credit information is entered on your personal or organization number. Delivery will only be made to the registered address, , and you will pay nothing until you receive your goods. The invoice will be sent from Svea Ekonomi the same day as you receive delivery confirmation from us. Payment terms are 20 days net. In case of late payment, interest on late payment is debited by 2% per month from maturity date. In case of reminder, a statutory reminder fee of 60 kr. Will be charged. When ordering using invoice method, customer must be at least 18 years old. Housing associations and associations can not trade on invoice.


5.4 Part payment and installment with 0% interest (only in Sweden for private individuals)

Through our cooperation with Svea Ekonomi AB you can sign an account credit agreement and thereby be able to pay off your purchase. Select the credit period by ticking the campaign option that suits you best. The purchase can always be paid in full at any time, before maturity.

Regular credit check is done after the personal information has been submitted to the checkout, in some cases this means that credit information is taken. A copy of the credit information will be sent to you.

If you have any questions, please call 08-51493113 for more information.

Example of effective interest on purchase of 10,000 kr, maturity 12 months, 0% interest, setup fee 195 kr, aviagift 29 kr: 10,68%.

General terms and conditions can be found here.

Standardized European Consumer Credit Information can be found here.


5.5  Amazon Pay


5.6 Paypal



6. Right of withdrawal

You usually have 14 days' right of withdrawal of goods purchased in the online store, in accordance with the distance and home sales laws. This means that you are entitled to return a product if you within 14 days of receiving it notify us that you wish to exercise the right of withdrawal. Please note that blankets, duvets, bedding, sleeping masks, mattresses and pillows are excluded from the right of withdrawal and cannot be returned.

Broken packaging cannot be replaced as this is considered anti-hygienic. The Sleep Revolution customer service must confirm that the return is allowed and that the withdrawal period has not passed before the goods are returned. We recommend that the return is made by certified post or courier . The customer is responsible for return costs according to Posten's postage table and is responsible for the product until it has reached us. Returns may not be sent as cash on delivery or free delivery. When the product is returned, the customer gets back the entire purchase price, but is charged the cost of delivery / return and handling fee (approximately 10% of the product value or at least SEK 100 for smaller items)

The returned item must be in the same condition as when you received it, and should be returned with its original packaging. Please enter your name and order number, as well as details of how to refund. Refunds are usually made within 1-5 business days, but no later than 30 days after we have received and approved the return. Please note that any invoice received for the product should be paid even if you return the item (if you chose payment by invoice). Refund of the order amount is made after approved return. Please contact us before returning a product. When paying by invoice / installment note that the invoice / setup fee has to be paid by customer.

When buying a product that is custom made or otherwise adapted specifically for you, no right of withdrawal applies. This can, for example, be a bed in a specific fabric, size, firmness and color that is made just for you.  It can also be a rug or bedlinen ordered and made at your specific requests. The right to withdraw is also not applicable to specially ordered goods,for example, goods with delivery time longer than two weeks.

Please note that the right of withdrawal is not valid for corporate customers.




7. Change of goods

Provided the product is unused, in full original packaging and in undamaged condition, you are entitled to replace your product. When replacing goods, you are responsible for the return cost. Exchange rate does not apply if the item is custom-made or otherwise adapted to you, such as a couch in a specific fabric and color. The right to change also does not apply to specially ordered goods, ie goods with delivery time longer than two weeks. Always contact us before making a return. If you wish to change your item against another, we will have to register the new purchase as well as the return.


8. Complaint about Goods


8.1 Consumer purchases

According to the consumer purchase law, you always have 3 years of complaint. Complaint means that you will notify us of this within a reasonable period of time from the time you discovered a defect in the product. We always check all items for possible errors, as far as possible, before we ship them to you. If, in the meantime, there is something wrong with your product, please contact our complaint department before returning the item to us. Please note that when returning a product, do not stick labels or stamps directly on the original packaging. Pack your return with an outer package around the product's original cardboard. When we receive valid billing requirements, we will contact you for correcting the error or sending any return codes / shipping notes. When returning advertised goods, we will of course return for the return.



8.2 Transport damage

Important: Be sure to check the goods for possible damage when you receive the delivery. In order for goods with visible external transport damage to be advertised with us, the damage must have been noted on the shipping company's shipping note in connection with the receipt. If you discovered hidden defects / transport damage after opening packaging / packaging - contact our complaint department.


8.3 Disputes

In case of any dispute raised by the General Complaints Board, our policy is to follow the recommendations issued by the Board. You can also use the EU Commission's forms as found here »



9. Guarantees

We have no general guarantee for the goods we sell above of what we mention above. Each supplier has it guarantee and we follow the law requirement. Some suppliers offer extended warranties and, if this is the case, you will find more information in the product description.