Sleep Lamps & Candles

Sleep Lamps & Candles

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Catalytic Home Fragrance Lamp Air Purifying Lamp Oil DOFTA®

The laboratory-controlled lamp oil is specially designed and produced by hand and contains the fines..

159.00kr Ex Tax: 127.20kr

Daylight Alarm Clock Lamp

The wake up lamp with Light therapy technology improves your sleep, energy, and well-being.R..

950.00kr Ex Tax: 760.00kr

DOFTA  Air Purifying Oil Lamp - Scented Catalytic -43%

DOFTA Air Purifying Oil Lamp - Scented Catalytic

Catalytic scented lamps offer beautiful design, sophisticated scent and clean air! The lamps..

878.75kr 499.00kr Ex Tax: 399.20kr

Floor Lamp - Note

Features a contemporary and urban design that suits in both residential and commercial applications...

8,250.00kr Ex Tax: 6,600.00kr

Silver Candle Holder Set| Eichholtz SIERRA

This silver candle holder set from Eichholtz will add a touch of luxury and grace to any interior. I..

8,900.00kr Ex Tax: 7,120.00kr

Table Lamp Wireless - 3 Light Intensities

Wireless lamp with a beautiful elegant design, designed to illuminate at different intensities...

2,250.00kr Ex Tax: 1,800.00kr


This white table lamp from Eichholtz is wonderfully stylish. With its white, rectangular shade, and ..

7,995.00kr Ex Tax: 6,396.00kr