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Travel pillows

Travel pillows

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Ergonomic Pillow- Ecological Buck Wheat filling- 100 % Linen Cover - 60x30cm

Proper sleep is important for everyone and in today's technology intense community, tension and ache..

1,250.00kr Ex Tax: 1,000.00kr

Travel Pillow Mini -Grey Black

Quality naps within an arm's reach. Slip your fun little portable pillow over either hand, forearm, ..

289.00kr Ex Tax: 231.20kr

Travel Pillow Multi Use

Ultra comfortable and stylish design. Can be used  to hold your neck relying on it comfortablyAs..

359.00kr Ex Tax: 287.20kr

Travel Pillow Original Siesta

For a power nap at your desk, chair, or wherever you may be without moving an inch. Just slip it on ..

795.00kr Ex Tax: 636.00kr