Sleep Dress - Cashemere and Silk - Shuj from Italy

Sleep Dress - Cashemere and Silk - Shuj from Italy

Light A-line tunic with loose V neck and elbow-sleeves.Weightless and versatile. 

Perfect to wear it in the privacy of your home or paired with leggings for an informal look.

Available Size: Large

Available Colour: Bianco

Material Composition:  88% Silk : 15% Cashmere


  • Silk is an extremely valuable fiber obtained by the unwinding of cocoons that protect worms during their metamorphosis.

  • Very ancient, it originates from China and the name Seres, the Latin word for silk worms, derives from the Chinese si絲.

  • Silk is not only pleasant to the touch, but it also has exceptional heat regulating properties that give your body the right warmth while enveloping it like a second skin.

  • Sleeping with your skin on this soft and smooth fabric will minimize wrinkles and keep your hair in a better condition.


  • The cashmere comes from Inner Mongolia, the region where the most precious cashmere in the world is produced: long and fine fibers with extraordinary softness.

  • In this harsh climate region, Hircus goats can survive the hostile environment thanks to their undercoat, consisting of countless soft and ultrafine fibers that minimize thermo-osmosis and protect them from the cold.

  • After a delicate combing procedure, ca. 250 grams of undercoat are obtained from each goat, which are then cut down to no more than 100 grams after washing and sorting out the outer hairs. This is why cashmere is so valuable.


For proper care, we recommend following these guidelines:

  • Handwash in lukewarm water

  • Wash inside out with little detergent

  • In case of dirt, slightly tip on the stain with a white cloth soaked with diluted detergent without rubbing;

  • Gently press your garment, never wring. Rinse thoroughly and spread it away from heat sources;

  • Iron with steam jet, never press the iron directly, use a cotton cloth and iron inside out at the lowest temperature.

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