To Rest or Not to Rest? Why are we even Hesitating?

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To Rest or not to Rest? Why are we even hesitating?


An important reflection on World Sleep Day


Let's rest from the thunder of information distracting us from what's really important.


by Giselle Valle, Founder of The Sleep Revolution


Seems we are all addicted to look constantly at our phones, almost as a drug or a compulsive behavior (Compulsive behavior is defined as performing an act persistently and repetitively without it necessarily leading to an actual reward or pleasure).

Perhaps because we have the hope to read in the next message some good news (specially now when the world is in turmoil!), a joke that makes us laugh or perhaps we are stuck playing some game that evades us from it all.

We don't leave our phones at any time, some of us not even to sleep or to go to the loo. One friend complained his wife played video games while he was trying to make love! We then wonder why do we feel constantly tired, unfulfilled (we will never reach the end of the video game, we will never shop enough nor answer all our mails) and unhappy.

Neurosciences prove that we can be more creative, solve problems and make better decisions when rested, but how can we decide to stop the cycle? We are so entangled in the rush of life that we can't make the wise decision of turning off our phones, disconnecting from the world for a while and engage in silence and rest, that will, in turn, allow us to make better decisions.

Andrea Choate writes in her article Neuroleadership Lessons : "In today’s hyper fast-paced business world, it is common to experience an ongoing influx of information needing to be reviewed and processed as well as corresponding and often crucial decisions that are screaming for attention. With the never-ending deluge of emails, complex reports, spreadsheets, data analytics, charts, graphs and text messages to name a few, the onslaught of information can be overwhelming for even the most seasoned of business leaders. Add to this mix a societal expectation of instantaneous responses and quick decisions to be made, and the pressure certainly mounts..."

"...conditions such as mindfulness, being in a positive mood, and allowing for downtime all have a beneficial impact on the ability to think creatively and make better decisions. More specifically, enabling the brain’s unconscious processing system to switch on and allowing time for thoughts to incubate has been scientifically proven to produce better decisions than in situations where one makes a more immediate decision using conscious, logical reasoning."

Somebody once said about music, “It’s the silence between the notes that really counts.” Hopefully we can able to make our own decision of taking a break before our body does it for us.


There are so many benefits we all get from proper sleep that I am sure (and hopeful), in a few years, we will look with awe into our current sleep habits as we do now to smoking inside airplanes during the 70s-80s and wonder why wasn't it all over the news as other epidemics.

Happy Sleep Day to all!!❤️❤️