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After my child's birth I kept on some weight that made me uncomfortable. My pre-pregnancy clothes didn't fit and when I went back to work I had to get new outfits.


The following 3 years at work were stressful. Constant travelling, sleeping late and only a few hours. Despite working in the bed industry and having a natural bed at home, I still didn't get proper sleep. Struggling to fit in some hours at the gym and keep my body fit only added to the stress.


That's the life of many new parents and people with small children. Research says that some will never sleep enough again. So, I thought " could it have something to do with my own habits?"


Dr Bruce Lipton, a pioneer cell biologist, says that the future of our cells depend on the environment and not on our DNA nor our genes. That most diseases are not caused by them.


For now I will only talk about the weight loss; but on my next posts I will discuss the wide spectrum of what "environment" for our body cells means.


I started studying neuroscience and researching about sleep. Everything started to make sense and the dots connected one after the other.


Determined to find out if changing my habits would make a difference, I made a routine to go to bed by 9pm and see what happened. For a night owl like me it was difficult to think I would enjoy waking up early. Usually I couldn't get my thoughts together in the mornings.


Over the next 6 weeks the changes in my body were remarkable. Not only my body, but my emotional and metal state felt better than ever.  The fact of loosing 7 kilos in 5 months without a diet nor any big effort was astonishing.  The truth is that I woke up early, meditated into gratefulness and my perspective changed.  We all have heard that perception changes your world.


There was no anxiety, no cravings for carbohydrates and my appetite diminished. I felt happier. Neuroscience studies told me why: my body was producing the right hormones in the right amounts. Happiness hormones. Make us feel more empathy, a higher self esteem and patience.


But that is only the tip of the iceberg. There were so many other things happening in the mind and the whole energy in my body.

I wonder if any of you has had any similar experience.



Below an article from the BBC related to this subject.





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