Sexual performance, Alzheimer, higher grades. All related to sleep.

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Lack of Sleep affects the normal functioning of our body and seriously injures us in more than one way.


Sleep Expert Proff. Matthew Walker explains what happens to our body and brain when we don't sleep. He begins by catching the attention of men describing how lack of sleep diminishes their virility by a decade.


For us who are parents, it's worth to dedicate one hour to listen how sleep deprivation is affecting our children and teenagers with fatal consequences and how can it affects their future. 


Fortunately, warnings about damages of sleep deprivation are slowly starting to get serious. In his book, you can read the results of 20 years of deep research of Why we Sleep.


You can purchase the book in various languages:

English US (Amazon US):     Why We Sleep   

Swedish (Bokus Sverige)  Sömngåtan : den nya forskningen om sömn och drömmar

French  (Amazon France) :         Pourquoi Nous Dormons 

English UK (Amazon UK)

English  (Amazon Spain)

English (Amazon Mexico)

Spanish translation coming soon

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