Sleepless Nightmares. Friday 13th

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Sleepless! Nightmare on Friday 13th




Today is World Sleep Day 2020. Horrifying news to wake us up... or calm us down


In the midst of a pandemic people are more stressed than ever. Fear creates adrenaline and the chemistry of our cells is modified to a fight-or-flight mode. When we stay long enough in this mode, our immune system gets affected.


We stay up late looking at news, trying to find answers or preparing for the worse. Or maybe we turn into screen time to distract us? Cravings for carbohydrates after 10pm? A new energy kick afterwards that keeps us going long after midnight? If we are not sleeping well and enough, we end up in a self fulfilling prophecy of sickness and unhappiness.


As if news were not bad enough, it's Friday the 13th. For most people, an unlucky day. Superstition? Beliefs are shaping our lives and they are ingrained in our subconscious mind. Personally, I like to believe is a lucky day. "Every head is a world" we say in Spanish ( cada cabeza es un mundo) and in my world my internal dialogue tries to constantly take over. It's a whole Committee, as if the voices of my parents, grandparents, friends, teachers, books, come all together to influence my state of mind. So I have to consciously acknowledge them, focus on possible solutions and think that I am lucky.


Thinking that I am lucky forces me to count the blessing and focus on the positive. On what I have instead of what I don't have. On the things I want and not on the things I don't want. On what is in my hands and what is not. On which actions I can take to make myself feel better. If I can save myself I can save my loved ones. Just as in the airplane we are told - in case of emergency- to take the mask and put it on ourselves first, then on our children. If you are forced to stay in quarantine, can you think of anything positive about it?


We can prepare ourselves, we can plan, we can be careful, but we must remember that our state of mind is extremely important for our well-being and also our loved ones.


The world has been on crisis many times before and throughout history people has thought is the end of the world (eg.Halley Comet). Maybe the end of the world as we know it, yes, but there is always hope that we'll learn and move into a better era.


On Worlds Sleep Day is important to remember that all - absolutely all- body functions are connected to sleep. The real nightmares come when we don't prioritize getting our 7-8 hours sleep regularly every day - and not only the weekends-. When we do, we feel calmer, more empathic, our immune systems will be stronger(*) and we'll detox mentally and physically.


We are being forced by nature to SLOW DOWN.

Wish you all a calm World Sleep Day on Friday the 13th!

Giselle Valle




(*) Sleep deprivation depletes stores of your “natural killer cells,” a type of lymphocyte (white blood cell) that nix tumor and virus cells. A single 4- or 5-hour night of sleep could lower your body's "natural killer" cell count by around 70%. Walker, Matthew: Why We Sleep, 2017.


Giselle Valle is the founder of The Sleep Revolution® a lifestyle movement for better sleep based in Sweden; it created the first concept store dedicated to sleep the natural & sustainable way, based on research.


“We encourage people to prioritize sleep to restore their health- physical, mental and emotional. With enough sleep we are able to produce the hormones to regain the joy for living, have better relationships, lose weight, live longer and make better decisions. Sleep is the best medicine, and is free. We believe that better sleep will make a better world”

Giselle Valle's 5 best tips to sleep better:

  1. Meditate and decide what is most important in your life. What is it that you REALLY want? Start prioritizing.
  2. Create a sleep routine: prepare to sleep around 10pm and sleep at least 7 hours
  3. Place your mobile phone in flight mode and keep it outside the bedroom. Get an alarm clock if necessary.
  4. Exercise and meditate at least 15 min every day
  5. Become as vegan as possible.


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