Performance Nose Plug

Performance Nose Plug

Based on yoga principles and backed by scientific research that shows the effects of breathing from only one nostril at a time. You will notice the effects with only 11 minutes daily use.



The Benefits

Breathing through one nostril at a time, you can influence the part of the nervous system you desire by stimulating the autonomic nervous system.


Breathing through the right nostril (while noseplug is in the left) activates the sympathetic nervous system and enhances activity in the body:

• Increased energy

• Increased mental clarity

• Increased concentration and focus

• Easier to wake up and to stay awake







Created in Sweden based on scientific research and medically tested.

Ellen Engvall, yoga teacher, realized it was easier and more effective for students to use a noseplug than to keep the arms up during several minutes, to create balance in the nervous system, body and mind. The noseplug is mostly used to be able to relax and sleep better.


The success was immediate and Swedish healthcare already has adopted the technique in more than 180 medical facilities. The Anti-Stress noseplug is made of non-toxic medical silicone, fundamentally necessary to prevent that mucus membrane absorbs toxins as those found in earplugs.





If instead of increasing your energy and concentration levels you want to reduce the stress level and sleep better, try the other side!



Breathing through the left nostril (having the noseplug in the right) activates the parasympathetic nervous system and lowers the activity:

• Relaxation

• Reduced stress

• Reduced sadness / depression

• Create peace and quiet

• Easier to fall asleep

• Increase the wellbeing


How to use the noseplug


Holding with two fingers, Insert the thick side of the noseplug in one nostril, pull it out in the opening of the nostril until it feels tight and no air comes through. Do not insert the noseplug deep inside the nose. Breathe calmly and deeply through the free nostril and keep your mouth closed, for best effect, use 11 minutes at least once a day.


To be used either with eyes closed and sitting calmly or during activity: cooking, driving, ironing, computing and reading, among others.




To consider

The package has 2 sizes of noseplugs: Medium 16 mm and Large 20 mm. The measure refers to the longest part of the opening of the nostril.

Note that one nostril is always a bit more clogged than the other; it shifts periodically between the nostrils. If you have dry mucous membranes in the nose or nose bleed easily, soak the noseplug in water before using. Do not fall asleep with the noseplug in the nose.

Damaged or defective noseplug shall be discarded.  The noseplug is intended only for nasal use.




Care instructions

Store noseplug in its package or in a case. Wash with soap and water and boil if necessary. The noseplug is personal and should not be used by multiple people. Keep out of reach of children.





Medically approved Elastosil ® R 401/30, HCR Silicone, Color Elastosil ® pigment pastes PT 5002



















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