Luxury Hot Water Bottle with Rabbit Fur

Luxury Hot Water Bottle  with Rabbit Fur

LUXURY HOT WATER BOTTLE with real Rabbit Fur. Fully certified from sustainable farms.


Textured, colourful, and ultra-soft, this rabbit fur hot water bottle is a must-have for cozy nights


Premium European craftsmanship is paired with Scandinavian aesthetics to create modern and luxurious pieces. No exception to the rule, this luxury hot water bottle is made with a high-quality bottle and a super-soft rabbit fur cover.

Rich and warming, both contemporary colour palettes offer a beautiful way to accent a neutral bed scheme.

Whatever the occasion, Christmas, birthday or house warming, these pieces makes a wonderful gift. Style it with other fur accents to give your space a warm chalet feel in winter months.



About Chalet Affair.


Established 1951. Family-led firm is now in the fourth generation. European leader with rich history,  passion and inspiration.

With vast expertise and experience, travel far and wide handpicking first-rate skins. Over the decades, Hofmann & Son have acquired a reputation for excellent craftsmanship and a keen eye for fashion and design.

Materials are obtained from controlled sources. Chalet Affair offers a range of stunningly design products featuring carefully selected woods and furs.

They ensure a high standard of quality by various means. This starts with making sure to buy only excellent furs and pelts and continues with proper storage, treatment and handling. All furs are dressed and dyed in Europe. The quality control process includes end-to-end inspection.


Strict control of origin, how they have been bred, handled, and treated. The company avoids the use of chemicals and potentially hazardous substances. Members of the independent monitored Origin Assured (OA trademark) transparency initiative. The OA mark may only be used if furs from countries where relevant regulations or standards are in force.

Animal skins are a by-product, meaning that they are coming from animals used for human food comsumption, hence they are not only raised for manufacturing. The skin would otherwise be disposed. The natural fur is more sustainable than faux fur as it is more durableand degradable.  Faux fur is usually manufactured with PVC or PU, which are not degradable.


SizeCapacity 1 liter

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