Take Care of Yourself

The benefits of good sleep are too good to believe: you live longer, keeps you thin and decreases your apetite for sugar, protects you against cancer, dementia, influensa, decreases your risk for heart attacks, alzheimer and diabetes. Besides, it makes you happier and reduces anxiety and depression.


“The future of our cells depende entirely on our environement“ says Dr. Lipton, cell scientist author of best selling book The Biology of Belief and a pioneer in cell cloning. Our environment is comprised of everything around us: the air we breathe, the food we eat, our home furniture, the colors we see, the thoughts that cross our minds and the people who surround us, to mention a few.


Is your personal environment - including habits and thoughts- aligned to promote a good sleep and create the life you want to live?


This is how it works:




Schedule a free consultation with one of our expert consultants (usually 30 min). Fill in the form below. Depending on your location you’ll meet the expert at one of our stores or online. After this initial consultation you’ll get tips and suggestions that you can follow at home on your own to improve your sleep.


You and the consultant will assess if it’s suitable to schedule additional personalized services or treatments.


Throughout the year we offer a wide variety of eye-opening experiences. It can be a conference, a workshop or even a trip ( ex. El Camino de Santiago). You’ll be included in our VIP list if you wish to receive the information of upcoming events.



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