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The Sleep Revolution

The Sleep Revolution

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Electromagnetic BioBand+ SmartDot

This is a starter kit for you to protect yourself whilst on the move and to stop harmful energy dire..

429.00kr Ex Tax: 343.20kr

Floor Lamp - Note

Features a contemporary and urban design that suits in both residential and commercial applications...

8,250.00kr Ex Tax: 6,600.00kr

Hot Water Bottle 0.8L Small with Soft Velour Cover

Colors affect your mood. Your environment affects the future of your cells. Your thoughts affect the..

290.00kr Ex Tax: 232.00kr

Hot Water Bottle 2.0L Large with Soft Velour Cover

Colors affect your mood. Your environment affects the future of your cells. Your thoughts affect the..

340.00kr Ex Tax: 272.00kr

Performance Nose Plug

Based on yoga principles and backed by scientific research that shows the effects of breat..

139.00kr Ex Tax: 111.20kr

Purifying Oil Lamp - Scented Catalytic

Catalytic scented lamps offer beautiful design, sophisticated scent and clean air! The lamps..

749.00kr Ex Tax: 599.20kr

Reed Diffuser KLINTA

The popular Swedish brand KLINTA has lovely scents and makes not only candles but fresh reed diffuse..

189.00kr 168.75kr Ex Tax: 135.00kr

Rocking Sheep Toy - Real wool

Everyone has a rocking horse, but only few have a rocking sheep.These rocking sheep are carefull..

2,800.00kr Ex Tax: 2,240.00kr

Sheep Outdoor Stool All Natural Wool

Get even closer to nature and feel that you are part of the wilderness through these cozy stools. Th..

3,300.00kr Ex Tax: 2,640.00kr

Shiatsu Massage with heat- All body

Need to relax or energize?This massage cushion can be used on both neck and entire body. It's e..

990.00kr Ex Tax: 792.00kr

Sleep Mask - Silk

These beautiful sleep masks in silk come in a wide range of colors to match your style!They are ..

398.00kr Ex Tax: 318.40kr

Sleep Sleep Sleep book Christian Benedict

Book about sleep in Swedish. Description follows in Swedish Motion och nyttig mat i alla ära..

279.00kr Ex Tax: 279.00kr

Table Lamp Wireless - 3 Light Intensities

Wireless lamp with a beautiful elegant design, designed to illuminate at different intensities...

2,250.00kr Ex Tax: 1,800.00kr

Tea - Organic Morning Time Herbal Infusion

This lively, fruity infusion promotes morning vitality with ginseng root and Amazonian gua..

45.00kr Ex Tax: 36.00kr

Tea - Organic Night Time Herbal Tea

A calming camomile and spearmint infusion empowered with Valerian root, a revered herbal remed..

45.00kr Ex Tax: 36.00kr