World Sleep Day Leadership Academy

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Spiraskolan, Montesori school located in the suburbs of Stockholm, Sweden, has a selected group of students participating in the Leadership Academy. Ages range between 12 and 15 years old.




"Sleep To Feel Healthy and Happy: Leadership Starts Within"

The students from the Leadership Academy realized the importance of sleep to become better leaders. It all starts from within. 


They notice many of their classmates sleep less than 8 hours. Several only 4-5 hours. The older they get, the less they sleep. Reasons vary from having their mobile turned on, chatting or playing video games late, studying late or performing physical trainings until 10pm.


They decided to make a sleep challenge and encourage students and their families to experiment by themselves the changes that sleeping enough brings into your life. The experiment will include the following:

* A conclusion report of the results submitted by participants: (capacity to learn, energy to train and perform, feelings, humor, etc)


* A contract to participate and follow the rules during 10 days: 1) to not drink energy drinks or coffee after 3pm, 2) no alcohol, 3) put away their screens 1 hour before going to sleep 4) no exercise after 9 pm (some cannot avoid it as they have training 2 times a week) 5) sleep at least 8 hours 


* Parents have to sign every day on the paper if the student fulfilled the above 


* The whole family can participate



As an incentive to make them participate, they will give the participants that fulfill the challenge, one ticket for a lottery draw. The prizes include a luxury mattress topper from Pauly Beds and other accessories that help sleep better.


Students have also requested permission from Stockholm city police to demonstrate at a public space on March 22nd (at Stureplan in Östermalm). They feel it's important to get the message out to society of the importance to sleep. It will reduce medical care costs for the government and it will lift up people of all ages, businesses and the community in many ways.


The Swedish media has been informed.



Results will be published here on May 2019

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